Director: Bryan Gunnar Cole
TRT: 73 min, 53 min

Boomtown chronicles the daily challenges faced by members of Washington State's Suquamish Tribe when they take the annual plunge into "fireworks season"--a five-week selling period that culminates on the night of the 4th of July. Here, thrill seekers and pyromaniacs gather on the reservation for an unpredictably explosive show. Along the fringe of the fiery free-for-all, Native American vendors hustle to sell every last rocket and bomb from their temporary fireworks stands. As one stand owner says, "The 4th of July is Christmas to the Indians."

POV/PBS 2002

Bryan Gunnar Cole
Selina Lewis Davidson
Exec. Prod: Paige West

"Best Documentary, Communities Category," First Peoples' Festival, Montreal
American Indian Film Festival honoree
Newport Film Festival honoree

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